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Care for End-Stage Renal Disease

Today with almost 800 ESRD patients, all USRC units have raked among top 20% of all dialysis clinics in the nation with respect to quality of care, delivery of compassionate care and best clinical outcomes.  We are very proud of our affiliation with Fersenius, the nation’s leading dialysis organization, with which we are managing the care of our patients. Our Physicians and nurses – some of whom have more than 25 years of specialized experience – are dedicated to supporting our patient’s independence and activity while helping them to choose the best treatment options and to make it a success.

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Dialysis Options & Treatments

Our patients spend a lot of time with us and we want them to feel at home. That’s why we welcome guests and why we’ve always allowed patients to eat during treatments. We believe nutrition is an important part of dialysis treatments and the latest research is proving we’re right.

Our patients tell us the atmosphere in our unit is calm, comforting and welcoming.

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Our Mission

is to improve the quality of life for each person we serve by providing excelelnt care in a safe and effective manner with a commitment to compassion, integrity, and continuity.

Our vision is to offer a patient involved atmosphere that facilitates world class medical expertise and innovation by our Board Certified physicians.